Ledgewall Panels

Ledgewall climbing panels present a unique and attractive way to build a small climbing walls. These pre-finished all-wood panels incorporate premium tee-nuts for climbing holds and features our proprietary incut surface. The rugged but friendly texture never wears off providing traction and a distinctive look. Used in schools, day care centers, homes and fitness gyms, the panels are installed on framed walls inside or out (upgrade), or concrete with the Ledgewall Plus option. These are ordered with either Base or Pro packages and an exterior upgrade for outside use.

Unique incut texture
A proprietary process incuts a rock-like texture into each panel providing a permanent and eye-catching surface. Special areas are left flat so each hold sits securely.

Premium materials
Using premium waterproof materials, the all-wood panels are user friendly and environmentally sound. Proven over 25 years in use around the world, they have legendary durability.

Plentiful route setting
With 64 possible hold positions per 4×8 sheet, route setting is a breeze. Whether setting random routes or to a specific goal, Ledgewall panels give you many options.

Convenient mounting
Ledgewall panels are ready to mount on standard framing or concrete (Plus). Using typical construction methods the panels have been successfully installed all over the world by customers.

Custom sizes
Since the Ledgewall panels are all-wood, custom sizes are easy to accommodate. Whether done upon ordering or at the installation site, customizing the panels to fit takes only a few minutes.

Easy color options
The color and texture on Ledgewall panels is separate: the color can be customized to match a theme (color code provided) and maintaining the color over time is equally easy.

Basic Panel Sizes: 4-ft. x 8-ft. standard. Custom sizes by arrangement.
Thickness: ¾ inch
Material: MDO plywood, Douglas Fir, NAUF compliant.
Texture: Carved into the wood, hold positions remain smooth.
Edges: All edges hand beveled
Hold Placement: 54 separate positions
Hold Positions: Set to avoid interfering with framing 16” on-center as well as cross-bracing as needed.
Tee Nuts: industrial, premium, 3/8-16-thread.
Standard Panels: 75 pounds per 4 x 8 sheet.
Fastening: Fastens to existing or new framing, wood or metal.
Paint: Latex acrylic urethane floor enamel
Standard Color: Mix of ½ “Battleship Gray” – ½ “Black”
Application: Hand roller applied, primer plus two coats
Touch-up: Any matching latex can be used