About Promaxima Manufacturing

We custom manufacture, deliver, install, and provide the ongoing maintenance for our line of proudly American-made 100% commercial grade fitness equipment for any type of training facility or gym.

ProMAXima offers a complete line of equipment for every level athlete, from rank beginner to Professional or Olympic level cardio, strength, and cross-training equipment. We also make equipment customized for accessibility, rehabilitation, and even youth -- we offer it all, even the accessories.

With rigorous manufacturing quality standards and an endless pursuit of innovation, we have the experience to make some of the safest, most rugged, and most durable equipment in the world. All are backed up by the longest and strongest warranties in the business.

For over 50 years, ProMAXima has been proud to be a preferred worldwide provider to the US Military, First responders, Professional sports teams, High Schools, Colleges, the Hospitality, and Retirement community markets.


ProMaxima's mission is to provide a complete line of premium quality made-in-America fitness equipment with cardio, strength, and cross-training equipment for every type of athlete.

Markets that utilize Pro Maxima's gym equipment include high school and college sports teams, all five branches of the USA military, hotels & resorts, apartments & condos, police & fire departments, professional sports teams, health clubs and rec centers, personal trainers, corporations, and more. Pro Maxima's products guarantee you and your organization will have the best gym equipment available to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.