Treadwall V4

The V frames are vertical-only models offering climbing movement with the absolute minimal footprint. The climbing surface fits snugly against a building wall allowing vertical movement in spaces no other equipment will fit. The V4 is our smallest Treadwall, optimized for youth fitness, smaller training studios and homes. Available in 10 or 11 foot wall heights, Base and Pro packages, and an exterior upgrade for outside use.

Motorless and self paced
A simple philosophy lies behind every Treadwall: a rotating wall should move by body weight alone at the climber’s pace. When the climber moves, the wall rotates: when the climber stops, the wall stops.

Vertical only simplicity
Built in a vertical position, the V4 is a small footprint Treadwall that offers the simplicity of vertical climbing without added adjustments. This is the easiest unit to operate.

Modern Design
Newly re-designed frames give the Treadwall FT series a modern and sleek look, at home in any setting. Wood panels, dark grey frames and intuitive controls combine in a complete package.

Minimal Footprint
Featuring a narrow footprint, the V4 Treadwalls are designed to fit climbing in the absolute minimum space with just the challenge and movement.

Industrial design with no wear parts
The Treadwall has a rugged industrial design proven over 28 years of hard commercial use. There is minimal maintenance and no scheduled wear parts to worry about.

Full warranty and support
All Treadwalls are backed by a six year parts/one year labor and electronics warranty, and the support of Brewer Fitness with 28 years of pioneering work in the climbing and fitness.

Weight: 750 Pounds.
Construction: Steel framework with custom-machined wood panels.
Placement: Inside standard – outside with exterior upgrade.
Width of Climbing Surface: 4 feet.
Total Length of Climbing Surface: 18 feet.
Number of Possible Hold Placements: 144.
Angle Range: vertical only.
Mode of Control: Electro-hydraulic braking and resistance.
Electrical Requirements: 9 VDC (1500ma) Plug-in transformer (supplied) or battery used.
Electronic Display: Measures distance (feet or meters), time and calories.
Time and distance goals can be pre-set.
Frame Color: Anthracite gray is standard. Custom colors available.
Panel Color: Natural wood.
Holds: Set of 36 custom training holds in 3 color groups, with optional 13 ladder Line(tm) holds.
Maximum Hold Size: 2.5 inches high by 6 inches wide.
Floor Mat: 4 feet x 4 feet custom mat, 1.25 inches dual foam, black 14 oz. vinyl cover.

Warranty: Six years structural and moving parts, one year all parts and labor. See full warranty for details.