PL-820 Deluxe Double Sided Half Rack

PL-820 Deluxe Double Sided Half Rack


3″ x 4″ 7 Gauge Steel Uprights
7 Gauge Laser Single Upright Sleeves
Weight Plate and Bumper Plate Storage
Optional Laser Cut Logo
Bar Storage
(4) Safety catch arms
(4) J-hooks
Variable Grip Chin-up station
Landline Attachment


Flip Down Spotter Stands
Cannonball Chin-Up Grips
Rope Pull Down
D-Ring for Undulation
Single Leg Squat Stand
Technique Trays
Removable Glute and Ham Developer
Bumper Plate Tray
Dip Station
Power Arms
Step-up Platform

Frames, Welds, Weight Stacks – 10 Years
Friction Free Bearings, CAMS, Guide Rods, Bushings, Pulley Wheels – 5 Years
Cables – 2 Years
Upholstery, Pop Pins – 1 Year
Polyurethane Rollers, Neoprene Rollers, Foam Rollers, Cosmetic Items Not Specified – 90 Days
Note: All Warranties are limited to Manufacturer defects.