RAPTOR Leg Extension w/ROM P-5100

Leg Extension with ROM


2″ x 4″ 11 guage steel weight stack frame housing.
Form fitted outer weight stack shield.
Inner weight stack protective safety shields.
ABS seat & back protective dishes.
Seamless upholstery.
Natural rubber handgrips.
Five position sliding seat adjustment
Low seat profile and non-obstructive base frame for easy entry/exit.
Oversized footplate with EZ grip handle for safety.
Red axis of rotation indicator.
Bright red colored pull knobs.
Instructional color placard.
300 lb. weight stack.
1/4″ nylon coated aircraft cable driven.
All pivoting axis have radial bearings.


Adjustable positions on all machines to accommodate all users to ensure correct bio-mechanical function. Adjustments are made with Heavy Duty spring loaded colored pull-pin knobs.
Weight Stacks are adjusted with a tethered, magnetic selector pin that extends through the entire weight stack.
Cable system with 1/4″ thick 4800lb test military spec galvanized oil impregnated air craft cable finished with a tough nylon coating to 3/16″ thick.
Manual tension adjusters on every machine for the cable adjustments.
Weight stack plates are solid steel machined precisely to with in an oz of weight.
Weight stack is accessible from a seated position.
Weight stacks are enclosed in full length shrouds.
Weight system allows user to increase by 5lb increments.
Instructional guide charts used to inform correct usage for each machine along with anatomical highlights to show which muscle groups are being worked.
Each machine is made with a lower starting weight stack and has counter-balanced arms when needed.
Heavy-duty 40 oz. commercial grade marine Naugahyde upholstery which is 85% mildew resistant. High density closed cell foam reinforced by thick plywood backing for stable support.
Exceeds all ASTM requirements.
Guide rods are 1″ CCRO ANSI 1045, solid steel hard chrome-plated with tensile strength of 75,000psi.
Frames are constructed of High Stress 3/16″ ASTM A-500 grade B structural steel tubing (11 gauge) 2″x4″, 2″x3″ tubing. 2″x3″ tubing on all uprights, 2″x2″x1/8″ ASTM A-500 grade B structural carbon steel tubing (11 gauge) is used on cross members and benches.
All welds are ground down and stress tested.
Custom color powder coat paint, 3 stage pre-paint preparatory process that includes a state of the art pellet blasting machine system that purifies steel. The steel is then sent through a preheat stage before the final magnetic paint powder is applied and baked for a long lasting hardened finish.
Urethane foam grades are a minimal grading of HR-125 (density pcf of 2.60 +/- 0,10 and above in high-compression areas) and HR-150 (density pcf of 4.60 +/- 0.30).
Cams are computer designed and laser cut to exact shape to allow proper variable resistance throughout the exercise complete range of motion. All cams are 1/4″ thick solid steel. The cams are different for each machine to provide correct movement for the exercise.
Shrouded pulley housing is 6″x1/4″ thick solid steel.
Pulley wheels are 4″ and 6″ solid fiberglass reinforced body with a 1/2″ cable groove. Oil dipped double sealed racer ball bearings with a 1/2″ axis shaft hole. Sealed for moisture and dust proof.

Frames, Welds, Weight Stacks – 10 Years
Friction Free Bearings, CAMS, Guide Rods, Bushings, Pulley Wheels – 5 Years
Cables – 2 Years
Upholstery, Pop Pins – 1 Year
Polyurethane Rollers, Neoprene Rollers, Foam Rollers, Cosmetic Items Not Specified – 90 Days
Note: All Warranties are limited to Manufacturer defects.