For Students of All Sizes and Skill Levels

For Students of All Sizes and Skill Levels

High Schools

The challenges for High Schools to find the best exercise equipment for all their students has become much tougher. The range of different sports teams requiring specialized types of strength, conditioning, and agility training, for their athletes keeps increasing. At the same time the number of students needing help with exercise for beginning fitness, or obesity control, has grown as well. And, for most schools the budgets and booster club donations have simply not kept pace. That is why ProMaxima Strength and Conditioning strives to make the best gear from Adjustable Cable Columns and Lifting Racks to Cardiovascular Equipment and lifting weights. We try to offer you the best equipment at the lowest price to meet any school budget.

ProMAXima custom builds equipment tailored for every size and skill level student. We provide the right state of the art solutions that work best for everyone from a 90-pound freshman joining their first team, to a 300-pound all-state top college scholarship prospect.

With over 50 years of practical in the field experience, our equipment is designed and built to be the safest, strongest, and most durable in the business. We install, service and maintain every product we make, so we also offer the longest and best warranties in the business.

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